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Post Construction Cleaning in metro Atlanta

If your business has just been built, renovated or remodeled and you think you can walk right in, you are in for a shock. Unless you have hired the world's most considerate contractors, there is going to be a mess that needs to be taken care of before you can fully settle in to your space. Unfortunately, a post-construction cleanup is rarely as simple as sweeping up the dust, although, we can almost guarantee that there is going to be a lot of dust.

Post construction cleanups typically involve a lot of heavy lifting, ladder work and some debris removal. Does that really sound like something you want to worry yourself with ahead of moving in to your space? Most people don't, which is why we have been proud to offer post-construction cleaning services.

A & B Corporate Cleaning Services has been proud to offer expert post-construction cleaning services. We are the perfect partner when teamed with with contractors. When our cleaners arrive onsite, they do so fully prepared for the task at hand with the necessary supplies, equipment, and tools to ensure that your business looks as stunning as possible when they are finished. We use heavy-duty vacuums that can suck up all the tiny dust and debris particles from area that would otherwise take countless passes with brooms and mops.

With the help of A & B Corporate Cleaning Services for professional post-construction cleaning services, there will not be an inch of your new, renovated, or remodeled space that is not sparkling. For a free estimate on our exceptional post- construction cleaning services, give us a call or send us an inquiry - visit our Contact Us page.

Post-Construction Cleanup Checklist

The most important of any professional cleaning service, particularly a post-construction cleanup service, is to make sure that there are no overlooked tasks. When you choose A & B Corporate Cleaning Services to provide your post- construction cleanups, we work off a thorough checklist to make sure that there are no skipped steps.

The best part about our checklist is not that it keeps us on track, but that it is customizable. If there are certain areas or things that absolutely need to be addressed immediately, we can reorganize our checklist so that it is in line with exactly what you need.

Post-construction cleanups are all about making sure you are comfortable, so do not hesitate to tell us how we can do that for you.

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